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Built off Adstra’s Data Attributes: Our Audiences are an easy and powerful way to reach your customers – Anywhere

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Our at-scale alternative for marketers looking to reach audiences on health-related topics

  • Full US coverage
  • HIPAA and industry-standards compliant
  • Selectable by reach tiers
  • 230+ subsegments
  • Models are 2x as predictive as current  industry approach

Orbits Audience Delivers:
Dynamic and Intention-based lifestyle segments

Enhance your understanding of your customer further through Adstra Orbits

Unlike other lifestyle cluster codes, Adstra Orbits are defined not just by demographics, but also by intent and media consumption based on individual observations, driving greater results for marketers and advertisers.

Partner audiences
Unique audience access

Adstra represents partner audiences that can meet your needs

Adstra works to promote our customers’ branded audiences. Examples include Highlights For Children (New Parent/ Grandparent) and Telecharge (NY Theater Goers)

Custom Audiences available to meet your needs

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