Drive greater response through our intent driven
Lifestyle cluster audience segmentation

Unlike other lifestyle cluster codes in the market, Adstra Orbits are defined not just by static demographics, but also by intent and media consumption based on individual observations, driving greater relevancy and results for marketers and advertisers. Specifically, Adstra Orbits is powered by behavioral data that tracks a consumer’s online and brick-and- mortar shopping activity; shopping location (movement patterns); and media consumed while searching for products and services.

We combine this behavioral data with robust deterministic demographic data to create the Orbits segmentation system – providing an active picture of how the population is responding to the consumer ecosystem. Adstra Orbits allows marketers to understand the behaviors of their customers and prospects based on local market conditions, including social influences and competitive pressures.

Our Orbits Clusters

orbits pie chart

Super Orbits Snapshots

Each of our Super Orbits is further broken down into Sub-Orbits categories, providing 60 unique lifestyle cluster codes that you can market to.

Super Orbit A: Informed Online Shoppers

Young influencer and social sharer who craves the spotlight, seeks variety and values brand names. Seek online ads that focus on product features and consumer reviews.

Super Orbit B: Value-Based Shoppers

Functional Internet user, seeking value and information while maintaining personal privacy. Lives a comfortable life grounded in family and spirituality. Favors US brands designed for consumers that value quality.

Super Orbit C: 24/7 Connected Audience

City-dweller who is a technologically, socially, and environmentally engaged trendsetter in their early adulthood. Not brand loyal, but heavily influenced by advertising. Always seeking new brands to enhance their lifestyle.

Super Orbit D: Made In America

Proud to support American-made products and most comfortable with generic or store brands. Value long-held traditions and rely on traditional media for entertainment and information.

Super Orbit E: Big Boxers

Mature, well-invested and introverted, but active in their community; seeks ways to save money, but without sacrificing the quality or ingredients that are purchased. Coupons and special offers are a motivator.

Super Orbit F: Household Informed Audience

Middle-aged, married and making ends meet with a busy lifestyle; collaborate in making household purchase decisions and rely on mobile device to stay connected. Seek American-made when available and are comparison shoppers.

Super Orbit G: Specialty Shoppers

Moderately-affluent, busy and involved leadership pursuer with optimistic outlook who relies on the Internet for purchases and is driven by offers for free shipping. Favors online specialty retailers.

Super Orbit H: Connected Impulse Shoppers

Racially-diverse attention-seeker and compulsive purchaser who is digitally and socially connected. Will change brands just for variety.

Super Orbit I: Quality First Shoppers

Social, religious, community influencer who is a price-conscious shopper but not willing to sacrifice quality for value. Prefers samples over coupons.

Super Orbit J: Green Consumers

Socially and environmentally cognizant, avid traveler who has shifted away from traditional media for on-demand television and social networking. Will pay a premium for the latest technology or environmentally-safe products.

Super Orbit K: Online Super Shoppers

Busy middle-aged, middle-to-high household income individual with a full calendar, and a priority of spending time with family. Uses digital technology to manage life and stay informed and connected.

Super Orbit L: Simple Life Shopper

Brand-loyal and price conscious mature adult who lays low, works hard, and wishes religion had a greater presence within society.

Super Orbit M: Master Digital Consumers

Works hard to live an impressive lifestyle and support heavy online shopping, while being optimistic about life and the anticipated changes occurring in the next year.

Super Orbit N: Price Drive Consumers

Holder of traditional beliefs who values a routine life comprised of purchasing familiar brands - including generic to save money. Turns to traditional media and tries to maintain privacy online.

Super Orbit O: Social Consumers

Heavy online shopper who uses all- natural products due to concerns about the environment and their family's health. Seeks information from actual consumers via the internet and is brand-loyal.

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