The Futureproofed Answer to
Identity & Data Orchestration

Reduce privacy risks and data management costs
take control of your customer marketing and operations experience.

How We Orchestrate Success


Enterprise Identity Platform - Conexa

Connect and unify your customer identity, data and experience through a compliant, cross media and futureproofed approach


  • Interoperable
  • Transparent
  • Portable
  • Cross Media
  • Privacy Compliant
  • Individual based



  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • Direct & Digital Media
  • Data Agnostic
  • Data Management
  • Data Processing

Nonprofit & Commercial

Activate higher performing and integrated marketing campaigns though the intelligent use of data



Reach individual or B2B digital and terrestrial audiences in an effective and economic manner that enables measurement over time


  • 2,000+ Audiences
  • Preconnected/Custom
  • 240MM Individuals
  • 20MM Businesses
  • Individual keyed
  • Descriptive and Intent based data driven

Adstra is here to help Brands and Agencies solve tomorrow’s marketing challenges through disruptive approaches by better Orchestrating customer identity and data (1st & 3rd Party) across media and with lower cost and complexity

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We recognize the world of marketing and advertising is changing.

Media is more addressable
• Brands are shifting to Direct To Consumer
• 1st Party data is becoming the standard
• Black box approaches no longer deliver
• Success requires greater control, accuracy and flexibility
• The future requires experience and understanding in applying new solutions and technology to achieve your objectives

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