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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: Three very important words that are at the core of what we as a company stand for, and what we as a society strive to improve upon. Silence on these issues is not acceptable as we are all responsible for shaping our community for the better.

Adstra’s Vision for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

At Adstra, we believe equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental core values that drive innovation critical to our continued transformation and future growth. We are committed to building an equitable culture where all identities, backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas are represented, heard, and valued.

Every Adstra associate has a role in creating our inclusive culture. Together, we are strengthening our foundation of inclusion by breaking down structural and unconscious barriers and biases. Through our commitment to equitable hiring practices, education, benefits, and policies we will cultivate a culture which thrives and celebrates its diverse and inclusive workforce.
Committed to equity diversity and inclusion

Our standards:

Equity of
Diversity of
Inclusion of

Our Priorities:

Our Commitments:

• Focus our efforts to attract and retain an associate population of diverse backgrounds
• Embed EDI into Adstra culture through investment in programming and education
• Increase external responsibility via outreach and support
• Way of Behavior
• Clear Intent with Observed Actions
• Holding ourselves Accountable
• Measure Against Intent
• Passive Not Acceptable

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