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Adstra Health Segments:

The broadest array of audiences available

Adstra Audiences health
  • Full US coverage
  • HIPAA and industry-standards compliant data & processes
  • Selectable by reach tiers
  • Models are 2x as predictive as standard industry approach

Our at-scale alternative for marketers looking to reach
audiences on health-related topics

Adstra vs Alternatives:


  • Same target audiences or better
  • Same reach or better reach
  • Same focus on privacy compliance
  • Better Economics

Key Differences:

  • Expanded number of available variables  for targeting models lifting performance
  • Ability to select audience volume based on predicted performance
  • Based on predictive models vs content  consumption indicators
  • Proactive vs reactive based marketing
  • Custom Audiences available by platform

230+ Standard Audience Segments
In 5 Categories:

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Brand Usage

  • 50+ Health-related brands
  • Models based on userate Therapy
medicine icon


  • 6 standard therapy models
  • •Tiered Flu Vaccine scores  
disease icon


  • 50 standard disease models
  • 19 tiered segments on key  disease segments
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  • 22 standard prevention  orientation models
nutrition icon


  • 22 standard lifestyle category  models
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Likely to get a Flu Vaccine Model Ranking Included !

Tiered audience segments giving media buyers
control of targeted performance vs scale alone