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Delivering higher performing and
integrated marketing campaigns

Data driven marketing expertise:
40+ years of client success in acquisition and data management;
200+ clients; and $5B+ incremental revenue created.​
  • Connecting nonprofits with sustaining audiences that lead to effective and deeper relationships

  • With access to data enhancement, custom modeling, and cooperative data, we develop long lasting solutions and donor success

Case Study:
National Health Org

10 Year Performance

  • 78% Mail increase
  • 138% Revenue increase
  • Cost per Donor Flat

Staying Data Agnostic to drive the best results

Chart showing performance trends
  • Using a complete view of your customers, we identify prospects with the identical attributes of your most desired buyers
  • Optimize your marketing spend and increase ROI with precision identification of infinite attributes from vertical and horizontal audiences

Helping build success Client by Client

“Adstra is both insightful and innovative in their approach to our business needs. They’ve helped drive revenue by providing excellent list recommendations and coordinating list modeling with co-op databases.”

– Audience Development Director, Ogden Publications

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