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Since 1978 Adstra has been providing lasting solutions for Nonprofits

Acquiring and Monetizing Donors

For 40+ years, Adstra has helped nonprofits raise awareness, fund research, and improve lives with donor insights. Creating solutions for nonprofit organizations is our legacy. Enable impactful donor insights— both online or offline. With a complete view of your supporters, we identify prospects with the identical attributes of your most powerful donors. Optimize your marketing spend and increase ROI with precision targeting of infinite attributes from vertical and horizontal audiences.

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Case Study: Accelerating Donor and Revenue Growth​

Reach donors to match your mission

Adstra connects nonprofit organizations with sustaining audiences that lead to effective and long lasting relationships. With access to data enhancement, custom modeling, and cooperative data, Adstra develops prime prospect audiences for all of your sales and marketing needs.

Meet the Nonprofit Leadership Team

Served as the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association President, 2017 – 2019, and current board member. Co-Chaired the ANA DC Nonprofit & Chicago Nonprofit. Currently serving on the planning committee for the 2021 ANA DC Nonprofit. Part of the DMAW team that drafted the “Standards of Conduct for Nonprofit List Rentals & Exchanges”

Britt Vatne

Account Management

Co-Chair for the 2013 DMA Nonprofit Conference. Serves on the Education Committee for The Nonprofit Alliance. Frequent speaker for the DMFA and DMAW DM 101 Educational Workshops.

Tom Fleming

Senior VP
Donor Acquisition

Senior fundraising strategist serving a diverse group of non-profits including some of the nation’s Top 50 charities. Frequent volunteer with the DMAW Bridge Conference and the DC Nonprofit DMA Conference. DMAW Data Strategy Forum Membership Committee.

Alicia Abels

Vice President
Donor Acquisition

Frequent volunteer at industry functions including The Bridge Conference, Chicago and Washington DC Nonprofit. Member of the 2000 TNPA Webinar Committee. 25 years industry experience. Data manager for larger nonprofits across Health, Human Services and Animal Welfare sectors.

Susan Packard

Vice President
New Business &
Data Management

Founder of Federation for Internet Alerts, winner of the Humanitarian Award by the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. Nonprofit work with The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children. Oversees all Adstra legal matters with a focus on data and consumer privacy as well as internet best practices.

Jason Bier

Chief Privacy Officer &
Legal Counsel

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