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Data and Identity are the fuel for omni-channel marketing and creating and exceptional customer experience. At Adstra we are focused on helping you orchestrate a better, and future proofed solution, to your marketing efforts.

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Improving scale of data and identity.

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Improving accuracy/quality of data and identity.

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Expanding the number of data types and attributes.

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Improvements to data movement and platforms. 

Helping partners and customer success
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Adstra customer service is superb – they are quick to respond, provide thoughtful data strategies, and are willing to curate custom segments for unique campaigns.

Adstra Client Solutions

Leverage all of our internal assets and capabilities to better enable your business

Audience Development

Preconnected or custom audiences in both digital and terrestrial channels, based on both descriptive and intent based data, that enable marketers to reach their intended audiences in an effective and economic manner and measure performance over time.

Data Licensing

Our enterprise identity management platform – built with a person based & persistent ID - enables the recognition of customers across media and connects them to any other media in a safe, compliant manner.


Comprehensive data for consumers and businesses, easily accessible and portable, enabling faster and more accurate decisions, based on economics that meet value created.

Sample Partners

Meet the Partner Leadership Team

Innovative and Experienced Marketers - Orchestrating New Solutions and Better Results

Scott Gordon

Executive VP,

Drew Mader

Partner Manager

Kristy Woodward

Partner Manager

Lori Magill-Cook

Sales Director

Emily Kistner

Director, New Business & Identity Solutions

Nathan Scott

Partner Manager

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