Brit Vatne

Britt Vatne

EVP – President Account Management

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Professional experience

Britt joined Adstra as the Executive VP of Data Management in 2003, when it acquired Novus List Management. Britt successfully integrated the Novus portfolio of clients and service offerings including list management, modeling and list fulfillment services, expanding Adstra’s footprint in both the nonprofit and publishing markets. In 2011, Britt was promoted to President of Data Management overseeing all Adstra’s Data Monetization efforts and eventually the Data Acquisition business. Britt provides senior leadership, oversight and strategic direction to Adstra Data Management and Data Acquisition clients. Britt has spent almost 25 years serving nonprofits. She understands the unique needs and challenges associated with this sector. Britt served as the President of the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association from 2017-2019 and currently sits on their executive board. Britt co-chaired both the 2018 Chicago ANA Nonprofit Conference as well as the 2019 DC ANA Nonprofit Conference. As a leader in this community, Britt was part of the DMAW team that drafted the “Standard of Conduct for Nonprofit List Rentals & Exchanges”. Additionally, Britt is highly active in The Nonprofit Alliance, serving on the government affairs committee and has lobbied on the Hill in support of nonprofits. Britt was a 2019 Silver Apple Award recipient. When Britt is not working she loves to travel both within the United States and Internationally.