Match Rates Don’t Necessarily Mean Campaign Results

Match Rates Don’t Necessarily Mean Campaign Results How to get more from Identity Matches By James Hsu VP of Identity Product As advertisers look for new ways to use their first party data sets, they are increasingly exploring clean rooms and other privacy-friendly matching programs. The ability to match two data sets and find overlap […]

Financial Case for Identity

Financial Casefor Identity By Charlie SwiftEVP, Head of Marketing& Account Management CMOs today are well aware that they need identity solutions to bring their marketing efforts to life. As marketing and advertising expand across new and emerging channels, brands are looking to unite their consumer touchpoints both in understanding and experience. This includes a desire […]


Preboarding by Bryan MacDonaldEVP, Head of Product& Digital Operations ‘Preboarding’ is the secret to unlocking first-party data Case Study – Preboarding on “TikTok” Click here for the PDF While there’s consensus on the importance of first-party data, very few organizations are building and implementing effective first-party data strategies right now. Part of the issue is […]

Goodbye, Utopia

Goodbye, Utopia by Charlie Swift EVP, Account Management & Head of Marketing Advertising and marketing technology have been selling a big dream for a long time. The many venture-backed and holding-company owned companies promise a future where every piece of the marketing puzzle fits together seamlessly. With everything working in harmony, marketers can leverage massively […]

Marketing’s Rube Goldberg Machine is Out of Control

Marketing in the 21st century is, in a word, complex. Trying to get ads and messaging into the world in a timely, targeted, efficient manner requires a lot of technology and moving parts. While all of the tools that marketers use in their stack provide value, the modern marketing tech stack has come to resemble […]

ALC Becomes Adstra, Establishing A New Standard In Data Orchestration

NEW YORK, June 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ALC, recognized as a leader in first-party consumer data products and services, today announced a new branding and go-to-market approach as Adstra, the first Data Bureau designed to help marketers orchestrate the application of data to all dimensions of their efforts. Adstra is built for agility, extensibility, and cost-effectiveness, encompassing […]

How Long Will Brands Subsidize the Failed Transformations of Legacy Data Businesses?

In 2019, brands are spending unprecedented amounts of money on data, and that’s because the promise of true people-based Marketing has never felt so near at hand as it does today. It is possible to envision a world in which data informs every Marketing decision, from creative on through to activation and measurement. Unfortunately, there […]

Active Interest Media Expands ALC Relationship

ALC, a recognized leader in first-party products and services industry,has been selected by Active Interest Media (AIM) to manage three recently acquired titles: Popular Woodworking, Horticulture, and Writer’s Digest. With this further expansion of AIM’s business, ALC has been charged with developing an innovative and cohesive plan to leverage the audience to a wide range […]

Meet ALC, The Data Broker You Probably Didn’t Know Existed (Yet)

ALC may be one of the biggest first-party data companies you have never heard of — but that’s about to change. Founded in 1978 as American List Counsel, ALC started life as a provider of data services to direct marketers, which back then primarily meant developing customized consumer data files to support postal campaigns. But […]