Ideal Insights – December 2023

Happy Holidays!As we come to the close of 2023, we wanted to pause and thank our readers, clients and followers for being part of the Adstra journey. We hope that you, your family, friends, and colleagues are finding health, happiness and success in all that you are doing and looking forward to the new year. […]

Can marketers tackle AI-powered identity resolution by themselves?

By Charlie Swift, EVP – Head of Marketing & Account Management, Adstra We have reached a tipping point where AI will (or may already) be part of everyone’s life, across professional and consumer capacities. At this point, every brand should utilize some form of A.I. within their marketing operations or else risk getting left behind. […]

CTV’s IP Targeting Band-Aid Doesn’t Hold Up to Privacy’s Standards

By James Hsu, VP – Head of Identity Product, Adstra The advertising world has been focused on the transition away from cookies as identifiers for the past several years. When a global pandemic hit in 2020, two important things happened in the media world. The cookie received a temporary stay of execution, giving advertisers more […]