Preboarding by Bryan MacDonaldEVP, Head of Product& Digital Operations ‘Preboarding’ is the secret to unlocking first-party data Case Study – Preboarding on “TikTok” Click here for the PDF While there’s consensus on the importance of first-party data, very few organizations are building and implementing effective first-party data strategies right now. Part of the issue is […]

Goodbye, Utopia

Goodbye, Utopia by Charlie Swift EVP, Account Management & Head of Marketing Advertising and marketing technology have been selling a big dream for a long time. The many venture-backed and holding-company owned companies promise a future where every piece of the marketing puzzle fits together seamlessly. With everything working in harmony, marketers can leverage massively […]

Marketing’s Rube Goldberg Machine is Out of Control

Marketing in the 21st century is, in a word, complex. Trying to get ads and messaging into the world in a timely, targeted, efficient manner requires a lot of technology and moving parts. While all of the tools that marketers use in their stack provide value, the modern marketing tech stack has come to resemble […]