Ideal Insights – September 2022

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller This Month’s Update Clean room mania is sweeping the digital media industry as advertisers look for ways to identify, target and measure consumer engagement without the use of cookies. The drivers behind this push are twofold: one the expansion of […]

Multi-room is the New Multi-ID
Headache for Publishers

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Digiday, September 12, 2022 Clean room mania is sweeping the digital media industry as brands look for ways to identify and target consumers without the use of cookies. While clean rooms are a viable option for targeting amid cookie depreciation, their popularity is producing yet another challenge for buyers and sellers: they can’t keep up […]

Adstra adds CTV and Identity Veteran James Hsu as Vice President and Head of Identity Product

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Hsu Will Oversee Development and Deployment of Adstra’s Enterprise Identity Platform, Conexa, Across New Channels and Business Areas September 21, 2022 NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Adstra today announced that James Hsu has joined the company as VP, Head of Identity Products. Hsu will oversee the development and deployment of Adstra’s Enterprise […]

Why So Many Brands Are Stuck
with an Identity Partner They Don’t Like

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Brands are increasing focus on their data resources these days as they prepare formajor disruptions to the digital marketing and data landscapes. Yet as brands spendtime preparing for the future, a form of cognitive dissonance is emerging. Brands today are making decisions and investing in third-party identity solutions thatwill ready them for the next evolution […]

Why Internet Privacy Needs A Federal Law

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During a time when Democrats and Republicans are far apart on almost every issue, both parties understand the importance of clear privacy rules and regulations. Lawmakers see the need to solve privacy issues quickly. As a result, momentum is gathering for a federal privacy law that should preempt the current patchwork of state legislation. Speaker […]