ALC Recognized As Oracle Data Cloud Premier Partner

Oracle’s Premier Partner Program Recognizes Industry Thought Leaders
PRINCETON, NJ – In an effort to make high-quality data more easily accessible and readily available, Oracle has launched the Premier Data Provider Program. As a part of this initiative, Oracle selected ALC as a “Premier Provider”, signifying Oracle’s belief that ALC is one of the industry’s leading data companies.

Oracle has described its Premier Providers as organizations which “feature unique, accurate, and relevant data that allows marketers to drive positive business outcomes. These are “top companies who are considered thought leaders in the space and are invested in moving our industry forward with innovative data strategies.”

Rick Erwin, CEO ALC, said, “For more than four decades, ALC has been committed to delivering superior data solutions. In today’s complex marketplace, it’s gratifying to be recognized again for our data quality by an organization with the stature of Oracle.”